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dimanche, novembre 28, 2004

Gonna hit the town tonight

Gonna hit the town tonight, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

I need to wear some bright red lipstick and squirt the perfume! Maybe hit the dance floor and shake my thing... I need to remember how to flirt and play hard to get.

Things that I have learned in the past year

, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

Not all women who claim to be bisexual are indeed bisexual. Most of the egregious psycho behavior I have received has come from women. They are vindictive. They have hidden cards that they play when you thought the game was over. Being fucked over by a woman is definitely worse than a guy. Some of the women in this game have no business being a player. They don't abide by the rules and they will cut a sister down to make a buck, all the while smiling at the chick in public. Bad karma does not happen fast enough for them.

Guys just basically want to get laid. I don't blame them. Each guy has different orgasms. Sometimes the second pop is larger than the first. Sometimes they shoot their load when they are semi-erect. Sometimes they shoot at the drop of a hat, and other times it takes hours. Sometimes they direct me like traffic, other times they just sit there like they are getting their teeth cleaned.

I have two serious fetishes with men: I love a furry chest, and I love to watch a man whack himself off. Nothing is hotter than watching a guy pleasure himself.

vendredi, novembre 26, 2004

Shit, I am so horny

Shit, I am so horny, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

A little giddy, and it isn't the wine. Kinda like that g-force pull on the gut in a tight turn with a sports car.

Hurry up and put me out of my misery.

jeudi, novembre 25, 2004

Pulling out the maps, getting out the compass and looking ahead

GC.Chi.FOBprod, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

I am giving up my swank apt at the beach and tossing stuff and hitting the highway in search of myself and where the road takes me. Blastoff is January 1st.

I have been working on the website, I got approval, and Webmaster hooked the code today, so in about 48 hrs, the gates will be open. CHARGE!!

So I really have to get enough content out and often to make it worthwhile. I just edited out 900 images! I am doing all the editing and dirty work. I hope to keep people signed when they get on board. Some of the images look repetitive but I wanted to create a story line and show how good models work, that a small hand movement here and a bit of breast revealed there makes all of the difference in a stunning image. Some of the sets are hypnotizing, and pull you in deep to a special place. Others are whimsical. Then there are the money shots for all you horndoggies.

This photo is fun because it shows me as a defiant slave. I am portrayed as a submissive but I am resisting by pulling on my leash.

mercredi, novembre 24, 2004

A Day of Thanks and Remembrance

The holidays are a real wierd time for me. I usually just hold my breath all the way from now till Easter. It seems that half of the year is filled with hope, remembrance, forgiveness, and family. All of this stuff drives single people such as myself just nuts.

What am I thankful for? I suppose I am thankful for all sorts of things, but mostly the open skies, the wind on my skin and for now the coffee in my coffee cup that always gets lukewarm and bittersweet before I can finish it. Isn't that what life is like anyhow? Bittersweet till the short end.

Marriage and kids are out for me on this spin around the pole of lifetimes. I would not change anything, but I think I would have climbed more mountains if that was even possible. I would like to get back to Tibet. I am sure it has changed a lot since I was sixteen.

Maybe I would have passed one more car when I was racing that Lambourghini last summer on PCH in my turbo. And then I wish I could have flipped off a few more people on my way out of their lives. (laughing.)

I wish I would have planted more trees, so that when I go back to the places I have been I can watch them grow and see how much I have grown as well.

I hope to God, when I am old, I am a righteous woman, tattooed, wrinkled and with a furry bush, sitting on my porch and watching the world spin slowly by. By the way, my website hit 350,000 hits yesterday alone.

photography by Patrick Bastien Los Angeles

Okay here ya go! Unretouched, the real deal. (cymbal crash!) Ask and ye shall receive! There are more raunchy ones, but frankly, I cannot show them here.

Good news, I got approved by a payment processor after monkeying with my site for over a month, so this means you guys can most likely log in and sign up tomorrow. Thanks for being patient. I will update once a week, so let me know what you like and what you want to see more of when you get in.

mardi, novembre 23, 2004

Photography by Andrew, Absolute Reality Studios, Santa Cruz, CA

Feeling dark, sultry, and very naughty right now.

Rate change

I have been paying attention to all the griping about inflated rates and I can appreciate that everyone must start saving for the holidays, so I have decided to drop my rates throughout the holidays entirely. I have given this a lot of consideration, and I can say that from my viewpoint, I enjoy spending time with self made individuals and not gentlemen that throw money around to excuse their pompous behavior.

I can fully understand the position from the gentleman's perspective of maximizing his dollar, but what is more important for me, is the type of individual that I choose to spend time with. I have said it before, but I have found that the gentlemen that work harder for their dollar are often times more loving, respectful, considerate and interesting than a whiny trust fund buffoon.

Glamourcon 2004, the day after

NMX (117)498, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

Yeah, it was surreal and pretentious as hell, but what does one expect in Los Angeles? A whole flock of jumping, writhing Playboy bunnies were zooming in front of Hugh Heffner like the secret service, plowing the way for the allmighty nipped and tucked satin collared pornlord. The guy went right past my booth, and I should have stuck out my 8" stiletto to trip him but I was just in awe: the guy is so tiny and smug he looks like a action figure toy in a happy meal. Shiny and not fully functional.

My jaw feels much, much better. I am now upgrading up the food chain to semi solid foods and switching to Advil. My doctor was really impressed with how much I have healed. I am ready to play now, so come out, come out wherever you are!

I did get a bucket load of hits on my website, so I guess passing out those free photos and magnets really helped. The website is coming along, and it is starting to take shape.

I am off to go check out a used car for my exodus east. I am getting excited about pulling up roots and hitting the highway. No officer, I am not smuggling anything only g-strings, whip and chains, and enough lube to loosen up the most uptight conservative. 2005 is going to be a whole lot of fun.

jeudi, novembre 18, 2004

Representing diversity amongst the sea of Playboy Bunnies

I just made 133 magnets for Glamourcon! I am really stoked. I making a huge vinyl banner 6 feet long and 4 feet wide with my nekkid tattooed white trash butt on it. I also have oversize posters and 8x10's being made. I am giving all the guys at Kinko's major woodies over this one! Still waiting approval on the paysite.

mercredi, novembre 17, 2004

Manta Ray Photography, Santa Cruz

I am busting my ass for Glamourcon in Los Angeles this weekend.

I am nervous as hell because I haven't been able to work out, my face is puffy and my jaw is killing me. Today is the first day I have felt coherent, but I am in major pain. Well at least I look skinny from not being able to eat. Pathetic. I sent off for a huge vinyl banner, some poster sized prints and snowglobes. I am making free magnets to give out. I am loading pages as fast as I can to get the website approved for payment processing. I am going to read RuPaul's autobiography for inspiration.

lundi, novembre 15, 2004


IMG_0400_498, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

Pain, pain, and more pain. I got very little work done.

On the bright side: Boston Legal is on TV tonight, and there is this under rated thing called sleep which I think is supposed to make me feel better. Or at least it said so on the application page for the job called a human being.

I haven't forgiven anyone, but I have ceased to run the tape in my head over and over.

dimanche, novembre 14, 2004

I think I am pissed off at women in general, including that stupid tooth fairy

IMG_0442_100, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

This week has been the odd week from hell on many levels, and today was the day from a firm, visceral and fetid hell. If I had a fuck you very much for each instance, I would yank out their wisdom teeth, yell at their windows when they are sleeping and say so who want's to fuck me while I sit by idly with a strap on.

Excuse me while I go spit some blood and get an ice pack. I have reached my limit for this utter XX chromosomal ineptitude. The post-op sheet says day two and three are the worst. I can hardly wait for day three. Today took the cake.

samedi, novembre 13, 2004

Blue Zebra LA 2004: BELLADONNA and me

Blue Zebra LA 2004, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

OMG I was so nervous I did that fish kiss thing which I hate! Sweat was running down my back, and I just could not stop smiling all night. I think I have one photo somewhere where my forehead vein was popping out from excitement. (Not pretty.) You will have to wait till the pay site goes up, but let's just say I have several witnesses and photos to proove how much fun I had. Hell yeah!

PS. Since I am rather incapacitated, I promise to respond to all your e-mails now.

Blue Zebra LA 2004: BELLADONNA and me

Blue Zebra LA2004, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

This was less I think around Feb of this year with Belladonna. I always find a way to get naked around that woman! If you look, the top flower wasn't done yet, and the middle one was half finished.

Look I have blond dreadlocks!

Spearamint Rhino LA 2003: BELLADONNA and me

Spearamint Rhino LA 2003, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

Got my wisdom tooth yanked today. I am in a lot of pain, but I ran across this great old photo of me and Belladonna. If you look my tattoo it was just outlined with some black ink shading. I look so cute. Damn Bella is hot. YUMMMY!

dimanche, novembre 07, 2004

Alley Tat

Alley Tat, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

I know I have been quiet. Just thought I would stick my head in here. Still working on the website, and you will see some new stuff: the Amnesty Intl. banner has replaced the Kerry banner, the bio page has a hot new photo that you can DOWNLOAD, go ahead, I know you have been trying (wink)...Paysite goes up by Nov. 20 due to glitch, on my part. I messed up on a slew of photos, but there will now be a whole lot of content up soon!

Just got back from Chicago. Geez, if guys get any nicer to me I am going to be falling in love pretty soon. Quick, somebody get a shovel, we have a melt down in the Chicago O'Hare

ooo! I am spending a week with a hot girlfriend around Napa. Can life get any better?

Bizarre magazine called. I think they want me to shoot with them!

jeudi, novembre 04, 2004

, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

Off to Chi-town to do some more model gigs, then up to SF. I actually turned down a model gig that was for paid work in Chicago, I just could not motivate myself to work with this person. Sometimes if their work is really bad I can get into it because it is campy, or so benign it gets fun and I get silly trying to keep the Warhol movie charade, but this was really harsh: old website, looking home brewed and a tad sleazy but not really enough to make it worthwhile. Not one bit cool even in a 70's porn way. *sigh*

This is some work by Manta Ray in the Bay Area. That shoot was a blast!

mercredi, novembre 03, 2004

Liberty, Justice, Equality

am transferring my ass to New England next year.

I am completely blown away? Bush won? This is a dream right? I am going to Canada. Who is with me?

mardi, novembre 02, 2004

tension: waiting for results

tension, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

Election Day, and nary an erection in sight.

I had to postpone my SD tour: one photographer cancelled and only one client verified so I bought a 12-pack and order probably my last Domino's Pizza before my Glamourcon convention in Los Angeles. I am splitting my beer with my webmaster I am ahead by two beers; he is working on his first. Wuss.

I am seriously excited about my trip to Chicago. I have someone that has agreed to tag along to Quimby's on the L and to that other fine used bookstore I love so much. I am so partial to old buildings, with books. It just makes me so excited and nuts: I love the smell of old paper. I should have been a librarian. I think I will feel him up in the stacks when he isn't looking.

As an artist it is a serious thing me going ahead with this pay site. I know I am onto something, sometimes I come up with something and I break out into hives, it just is searingly right! Fresh, new and unexpected. I think it is time to take the porn industry for a ride. Be patient: I know you all want in, just hold on.

I will be in chat tonight on TER if you want to log on: 6-8 pm. PST I think.

lundi, novembre 01, 2004

Eating cold raw tofu from the container and slaving away on the paysite