samedi, novembre 27, 2004

Things that I have learned in the past year

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Not all women who claim to be bisexual are indeed bisexual. Most of the egregious psycho behavior I have received has come from women. They are vindictive. They have hidden cards that they play when you thought the game was over. Being fucked over by a woman is definitely worse than a guy. Some of the women in this game have no business being a player. They don't abide by the rules and they will cut a sister down to make a buck, all the while smiling at the chick in public. Bad karma does not happen fast enough for them.

Guys just basically want to get laid. I don't blame them. Each guy has different orgasms. Sometimes the second pop is larger than the first. Sometimes they shoot their load when they are semi-erect. Sometimes they shoot at the drop of a hat, and other times it takes hours. Sometimes they direct me like traffic, other times they just sit there like they are getting their teeth cleaned.

I have two serious fetishes with men: I love a furry chest, and I love to watch a man whack himself off. Nothing is hotter than watching a guy pleasure himself.


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