jeudi, novembre 25, 2004

Pulling out the maps, getting out the compass and looking ahead

GC.Chi.FOBprod, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

I am giving up my swank apt at the beach and tossing stuff and hitting the highway in search of myself and where the road takes me. Blastoff is January 1st.

I have been working on the website, I got approval, and Webmaster hooked the code today, so in about 48 hrs, the gates will be open. CHARGE!!

So I really have to get enough content out and often to make it worthwhile. I just edited out 900 images! I am doing all the editing and dirty work. I hope to keep people signed when they get on board. Some of the images look repetitive but I wanted to create a story line and show how good models work, that a small hand movement here and a bit of breast revealed there makes all of the difference in a stunning image. Some of the sets are hypnotizing, and pull you in deep to a special place. Others are whimsical. Then there are the money shots for all you horndoggies.

This photo is fun because it shows me as a defiant slave. I am portrayed as a submissive but I am resisting by pulling on my leash.


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