jeudi, novembre 18, 2004

Representing diversity amongst the sea of Playboy Bunnies

I just made 133 magnets for Glamourcon! I am really stoked. I making a huge vinyl banner 6 feet long and 4 feet wide with my nekkid tattooed white trash butt on it. I also have oversize posters and 8x10's being made. I am giving all the guys at Kinko's major woodies over this one! Still waiting approval on the paysite.


Zinaval said...

Knock'em dead at Glamourcon, sweetie!

I just discovered your new site, and I was about to pay for my year's entry, when I noticed it's not quite ready.

It looks extremely good, decorated with a lot of things I love most. I await it's continued development.


8:44 PM  
netmichelle said...

Yes! You are seeing a brief preview of the things to come. Any moment now, it should be working. I can hardly wait. I just got back from Galmourcon and I am zonked! 10 hours in heel and 2 photoshoots! Woo! I have all day Sunday again there again, and then I can sorts all the bugs out! xoxoxo

12:38 AM  

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