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dimanche, novembre 07, 2004

Alley Tat

Alley Tat, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

I know I have been quiet. Just thought I would stick my head in here. Still working on the website, and you will see some new stuff: the Amnesty Intl. banner has replaced the Kerry banner, the bio page has a hot new photo that you can DOWNLOAD, go ahead, I know you have been trying (wink)...Paysite goes up by Nov. 20 due to glitch, on my part. I messed up on a slew of photos, but there will now be a whole lot of content up soon!

Just got back from Chicago. Geez, if guys get any nicer to me I am going to be falling in love pretty soon. Quick, somebody get a shovel, we have a melt down in the Chicago O'Hare

ooo! I am spending a week with a hot girlfriend around Napa. Can life get any better?

Bizarre magazine called. I think they want me to shoot with them!


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