mardi, novembre 02, 2004

Election Day, and nary an erection in sight.

I had to postpone my SD tour: one photographer cancelled and only one client verified so I bought a 12-pack and order probably my last Domino's Pizza before my Glamourcon convention in Los Angeles. I am splitting my beer with my webmaster I am ahead by two beers; he is working on his first. Wuss.

I am seriously excited about my trip to Chicago. I have someone that has agreed to tag along to Quimby's on the L and to that other fine used bookstore I love so much. I am so partial to old buildings, with books. It just makes me so excited and nuts: I love the smell of old paper. I should have been a librarian. I think I will feel him up in the stacks when he isn't looking.

As an artist it is a serious thing me going ahead with this pay site. I know I am onto something, sometimes I come up with something and I break out into hives, it just is searingly right! Fresh, new and unexpected. I think it is time to take the porn industry for a ride. Be patient: I know you all want in, just hold on.

I will be in chat tonight on TER if you want to log on: 6-8 pm. PST I think.


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