samedi, octobre 30, 2004

OMG I did one of those crazy photoshoots that you hear about

So, I should have known that something fishy was up. I got an e-mail from a super hot model, you know: blond, 5'2" 95 pounds and 25 and oh-so-yummy...I know...I know. I fell for the bait like all you other guys. She tells me of a group shoot then the coin and directives, so I travel in my long stretch ghetto fabulous limo also known as the Los Angeles local bus transportation and behold: I am truly in the ghetto. I walk three block and get honked at 6 times (and I look like I could represent, but, it is good to know for the ego boost) so I head upstairs and it is hot, the inadequate fan is running at mach 5...girls are like everywhere man, dancing girls, you know: the ones without a good ass but plenty of cleavage, or some that look like they need their fix, others with pimp hubbies with a careful eye on the property AKA THE WIFEY...oh bother! Here we go. I proceeded to apply the pancake makeup and ended up sweating most of it off, or rolling the rest on the floor. I ended up taking over the shoot. Everyone wanted to shoot the tattooed girl. Later I convinced one of the girls with boobies and a whip to shove her high-heeled shoe on top my ass and play spank me. That rocked. Sorry, since it was a paying dirt bag gig, I did not get copy. So let me translate this. This means that my body will end up photoshoped and yes, you guessed it, I will be published but probably for LA Express or some other spank copy. Now I am responsible for more girls getting spun in the washing machine of the biz. Knock Knock. "Yes? But you aren't the girl in the picture..." LOL! Strange how this life keeps making figure eights on the same piece of ice.


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