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samedi, octobre 16, 2004


Tough life, a lot of work, an hour a day, family, respect, tough work, get home get midnight get up at four-thirty, oh yeah, (orange broom swiping at my ankles) 10 years. Exchanging, people come over here from there, learn how to play (inaudible), oh yeah? Wow. Yeah, that’s cool. Yeah. Gotta do waz right or can’t make it very far. (Ready…gate #2.) No smoking allowed. Not an entrance. Restrooms. Plastic string attached to air conditioning grate to prove that it is on. Raiders. Skill work. Steel buildings, rebarb. It’s tedious, its tough. Carry it all on your shoulders. #5 especially. A couple pieces of rebarb doesnt look like much but it is very heavy. Its hard to pay your dues and make your way up.

5 hour wait. Been here for a while. I don’t care, I’ll talk to anybody. They fuck with the people that they are enemies with, but they will leave everybody else to their own. It used to be much rougher. Pot doesnt do much for me. Cold beer sounds real good right now. Can’t drink on the bus. The homie dude? Oh yeah. Yeah. I will take a mess of Tylenol PMs, that is what I need. It’s a long ride.

Greyhound Bus Terminal conversation that I heard, San Francisco
8:03 pm on a Wednesday night.


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