mercredi, septembre 22, 2004

Looks like I am going to shoot with some amazing photographers in the bay area next month. I am so happy. High probability these shoots will go for editorial content, which means..... tear sheets, which means more money, which means me relaxing a little. : DD is good.

Somehow I still get all these nasty e-mails, probably from disgruntled providers, since most guys would give up by now. I remembered this amazing thing: the block sender feature. Viola! They are gone. It just blows my mind they have all this free time to nitpick on someone who really doesn't even know what to do with them. Do I print them out and send them to Provider Times? Are they coded lottery numbers? I mean, WTF? What a waste of neuronal circuitry!! I bet someone actually responds.

OK this is a test post from my webphone. I must go now. Thumbs tired from typing.


Zinaval said...

Michelle, its remarkable to me that you can write a post like that from a webphone. I guess, with practice, I could too. Problem is, I rewrite too much. I thought you had some kind of compact keyboard, as I do for my Palm. If I had any time to figure out how to network the Palm with my webphone, then travel-posting would be an option on my travels. I really don't want to "thumb-post."

I'm glad about the photo-shoot. Editorial content? What does that mean in terms of modeling? I can tell it means more money for the model... but besides that? Are you talking about something besides eroticism? When I look at a picture with "editorial content" what will I see?

I'm at a loss about the hate-messages and the stalkers. I'm guessing that since you can't be ignored, the hateful and hell-bent can't ignore you either.

Your newest pictures with the dark/blue hair are breath-taking. I especially like the one on your website, standing in the black, low cut dress in your heels. I always loved you as a blonde, but with darker hair, you become a serious woman.


2:57 AM  
netmichelle said...

Thank you baby. :)

8:18 PM  

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