vendredi, septembre 17, 2004

I am taking care of my needs so I can be-all-that-I-can-be....A Pro-viiii-derrrr.

(While I wait for little rain droplets to hit my hotmail, I will dream up some lurid and libacious post for my next weekly ad.)

How about this one: plagarized from the New Yorker:
I am taking a wine class, but not for credit ;))

I had a super boring catalog shoot for some skanky clothes in Anaheim today. Somehow I got my groove back.

I am still here. Maybe it might be fun to be a lurker. You know, hit on guys behind the scenes. Lemme try here: so are you as cute as your posts? NAhh,,,,wait.....Do you post in caps because you are muffled in the DATY position? Gasp, is that a semi colon or just a suirt of cum? lol.....I must go to bed.

Oh here are the pics. I hope you can see them.


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