jeudi, septembre 09, 2004


Thanks for your response.  Burningman was cathartic
I’m sure.  I love environments where honest expression
thrives and I hope that someday I am able to be there
and experience the whole thing for myself.  I’m sure
there’s really no way to put it into words,  but I’d
love to see you try. 

Glad to hear my initial concerns about you were
over-cooked.  Early on I lost someone important to me
and her echo haunts your words.  The frame of a
broader life surrounds your thoughts.  Sadly, she
didn’t get far enough to complete the frame.  I know
the therapy of writing, of expression for that matter,
and hope you continue to add to your blog – whether
public or private.

It’d be fun to write every now and then when there is
a thought.  Your honesty is compelling.  There
wouldn’t have to be a reply.  There would be no
obligation either way.  Like you, writing for me is a
form of therapy.  You’re more courageous than I am.  I
privately seek objection or agreement, or simple
response.  You’ve the balls (?) to let it all hang
out.  I admire that.

Peace to you and welcome home.


Anonymous said...

Better to feel like shit than never to feel at all...



9:02 PM  

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