samedi, septembre 11, 2004

This obstreperous blog from a loving and lassoed garter belted one

It has been difficult w/ the blog. It is wierd when they say: I thought I knew you... All this b.s. in their own head clouding their judgement comes from them, not me. At this point I am no longer upset. It is like a whining child that has snot running down their nose jumping up and down in their face. I feel like all I can do is tune them out and offer Kleenex.

I am broke at the moment, so I am not sure when I am going on tour for certain, but I am hitting the road at some point.

Since I registered at OMP (One Model Place) my mailbox is clogged with model shoot offers, all within 24 hours. So wierd because when I was into modelling a decade back I couldn't stay booked for the life of me. One photographer asked me two weeks ago what is it with my eyes? How do I do that? It is because I have seen and tasted more than people would ever know in several lifetimes. At some point in this crazy rollercoaster of life I stopped screaming and learned to stand up in my seat and keep my eyes open. I guess I am warped. I actually like turbulence on the airplane.


Conan said...

I am cracking up, thinking about your dsecription of the whiners... I would love to share some adult views with you someday... But I prefer a hot towl to kleenex...

I love this rollercoaster ride called life. Best ride there is. You can piss and moan about the long lines and jerks behind us and the cost of admissiion but it's the best ride there is at the moment (someday God may build a better one... never know), but I think the way to have fun is just like you say... "Stand up in my seat and keep my eyes open." Although screaming is fun sometimes.... you know.... that gutteral "Oh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh"

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