mardi, septembre 14, 2004

I was not born an escort. I was made an escort.

Cumulative changes and nuances of my life transformed me into the individual I am today. Today was a rough day.

The purpose of erotic discussion forums is to provide a forum where like minded individuals may meet. People from all walks of life can find out if they are compatible. I have not found anyone compatible with me, yet I have always found myself intrigued for the time shared with other individuals. It is always a song, a dance, and then it is over. Today was a day I wished I could stick my head in the sand and wait till the wind stopped blowing.


Conan said...

I know what you mean.... I manage the strip shopping center in Simi where the cop is hostage to a loser with a gun living in his van.... personally I think thet should put a .308 calibre dot in dirtbag's forehead....

3:48 PM  

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