vendredi, octobre 01, 2004

last night's party and foot fetishes (today's photoshoot)

I think I kissed more girls than I have fingers. Lordy! I am still digesting, more on this later. I think I may get to do a virgin, a virgin girl-girl. This needless to say is making my clitorus a little wigged out. I think I need to go breathe in a brown paper bag a few times.

Who would of thought I could make a few hundred dollars for a foot fetish shoot. No nudity, just my 10 pink piggies. I can still hear him: nice toe point! Good tension! Good wrinkles! I had a nice dark "patina" on the soles of my feet. (It is called dirt.) I got really turned on when he put my feet on the towels and then posed my feet next to a jar of Vaseline. Oh boy. I really want copy of this! I am looking forward to my next shoot. I am never looking at my feet the same way again. Wanna toe suck? Okay, but just one.


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