vendredi, octobre 22, 2004

big white panties and white footies

R01 025, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

Chastely unchaste.


mattdangerously said...


7:43 PM  
Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!! You have just made my all time masterbation pic list!

I can now actually remember how you tasted! Yummy

Where is a femdom? I'm so ready!

You are killing me with your panties! Killing me one stroke at a time!

9:40 AM  
netmichelle said...

This is my favorite picture right now. Thank you! WhenI get some free time I may animate the red flower with flash. I am slaving away on my website right now. I hope to have the pay section up soon. Soon!

10:16 AM  
Zinaval said...

Michelle, honey, that picture grinds like one of your lap dances! I can't look at it without thinking how marvelous the next session with you will be!


11:55 PM  
Anonymous said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:26 AM

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