mercredi, novembre 24, 2004

A Day of Thanks and Remembrance

The holidays are a real wierd time for me. I usually just hold my breath all the way from now till Easter. It seems that half of the year is filled with hope, remembrance, forgiveness, and family. All of this stuff drives single people such as myself just nuts.

What am I thankful for? I suppose I am thankful for all sorts of things, but mostly the open skies, the wind on my skin and for now the coffee in my coffee cup that always gets lukewarm and bittersweet before I can finish it. Isn't that what life is like anyhow? Bittersweet till the short end.

Marriage and kids are out for me on this spin around the pole of lifetimes. I would not change anything, but I think I would have climbed more mountains if that was even possible. I would like to get back to Tibet. I am sure it has changed a lot since I was sixteen.

Maybe I would have passed one more car when I was racing that Lambourghini last summer on PCH in my turbo. And then I wish I could have flipped off a few more people on my way out of their lives. (laughing.)

I wish I would have planted more trees, so that when I go back to the places I have been I can watch them grow and see how much I have grown as well.

I hope to God, when I am old, I am a righteous woman, tattooed, wrinkled and with a furry bush, sitting on my porch and watching the world spin slowly by. By the way, my website hit 350,000 hits yesterday alone.


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