lundi, novembre 22, 2004

Glamourcon 2004, the day after

NMX (117)498, originally uploaded by netmichelle.

Yeah, it was surreal and pretentious as hell, but what does one expect in Los Angeles? A whole flock of jumping, writhing Playboy bunnies were zooming in front of Hugh Heffner like the secret service, plowing the way for the allmighty nipped and tucked satin collared pornlord. The guy went right past my booth, and I should have stuck out my 8" stiletto to trip him but I was just in awe: the guy is so tiny and smug he looks like a action figure toy in a happy meal. Shiny and not fully functional.

My jaw feels much, much better. I am now upgrading up the food chain to semi solid foods and switching to Advil. My doctor was really impressed with how much I have healed. I am ready to play now, so come out, come out wherever you are!

I did get a bucket load of hits on my website, so I guess passing out those free photos and magnets really helped. The website is coming along, and it is starting to take shape.

I am off to go check out a used car for my exodus east. I am getting excited about pulling up roots and hitting the highway. No officer, I am not smuggling anything only g-strings, whip and chains, and enough lube to loosen up the most uptight conservative. 2005 is going to be a whole lot of fun.


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