dimanche, d├ęcembre 19, 2004

more mushy prose, musings

Understood. I am this big soupy mix of feelings and passions and I like it. THE REASON WHY I WANT TO BE WITH YOU AFTERWARDS IS THAT I WANT TO DIGEST EVERYTHING AND FEEL YOU EVEN MORE INTENSELY, (ooops caps lock, sorry.) I want to see you, maybe it is a reflexive instinct, should I find a reason to push you away, or to fall deeper, or more intensely to where I have no control, which is ultimately good. (yes/no?) I need an outlet these churning feelings are driving me nuts...or should I cap them like fireflies in a jar and watch them find the invisible walls of no way out. Profound? no, but I do like to imagine. I draw outside the lines. I don't mind. You know me.

And now you are asleep, and I sit here, knowing the real you behind the caustic abrasive wit. I know you because you are like me. Or are we different? I have not tasted you enough to know. Did I become a crazy woman, because I half-felt something that could be construed as nothing...did I imagine it all? am I adding frosting to something that has melted? I am thinking too much, and not enough, I have slipped, fallen but I enjoy the support of the concrete. When I go to sleep I will think of the weight of the air as you. A sea of questionmarks, and an ocean of my own making. I am lost but I am found. Claim me.


Zinaval said...

Michelle, Sweetie:

I read that too often, knowing that you're not referring to me, and I might just go plain mad... Oh, I'm stretched to the horizon, a shadow in the sun, baked dark with perspective, and it hurts!


3:27 AM  
Anonymous said...

Passion and love are a glorious thing. When you feel the deep felt love and hope for you as I do, you wish that you can be there to walk you through to the joy you deserve. But alas, you are on a journey that requires me to stand off in the shadows and only get the faint glimpses that you offer.

Nettie, you are a gift to humanity. I do not offer a cautionary tail, but demand you freely relinquish yourself. (Not that I was worried of that not happening!) LoL

In life there is what happened and then somewhere between there and our brains it becomes what we make of it. Our story if you will. My offering to you is that you make the story a happy one.

Much love

5:20 AM  
netmichelle said...

I am glad you guys like this stuff. I will work on more. xoxox

4:35 PM  

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