mercredi, d├ęcembre 15, 2004

Just back from Vegas baby

Oh yeah, and I reek of ciggies. What would Vegas do without it's ashtrays and vats of ethanol?

I did some insanely good work with a photog out there, and picked up a CD of other images. Another update is going to occur, if I can get through my hurdles in a timely fashion, there shall be stereophonic visuals for all of your paid members of my site. Oh yeah, I am shooting super hot kinky monkey BJ action at the end of the month. Better lose your mind now. I cannot help you later. LOL. OooOOoooOoo almost forgot: shooting with a Plyboy bunny for an erotic fetish watersport shoot in Jan during AVN. Suprise. No, I will not. No, you must wait and see. Ha-ha!


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