jeudi, d├ęcembre 09, 2004

Fan Mail: Love and Hate on same day / hours apart

   After reading your post in regard to your tryst with BeBeDoll,I have come to one conclusion. You are very scary!
   Legend has it, that when God created woman, Saint Peter was present as his assistant. As God was fashioning her vagina he asked Peter to hand him ten extrasensory nerves. "My Lord" Peter replied. I suggest you rethink this number! "These are the most powerful weapons in your arsenal and they are the one's that will insure that mankind procreates and populates the earth with children, wrought in your image!" God thought about this for a minute, and then he said to Saint Peter. "You're right!" "Give me twenty!" "I want her to scream my name when they kick in!"
  Bottom line dear, I thing El Supremo had a hangover when he created you. I think every neural grid in your entire body terminates at your pussy! I have been a very lucky individual in my life, and I have been with some woman whom I have deemed to be insatiable, but, after being a member of (deleted) for (deleted) months, I'm convinced that you are the quintessential Sine Qua Non of a pure sexual being. I've always thought I was the horniest being on the planet. You put me to shame! If sex alone would provide you with the necessary elements to support life, there is no doubt in my mind that you would eschew all other means of sustenance. I am truly in awe of your sexuality. God bless you, and that is no small praise, coming from an agnostic!
                                           Faithfully TER,
P.S. Your body art is intoxicating!

i am extremely disappointed with you, (deleted)
am also very upset, after reading your inexcusable diatribe on
(deleted) attacking (deleted) (among others). Whoever else hurt you,
(deleted) is certainly not to be blamed for your behavior or your
decisions.  Nor can she really be blamed for not satisfying your
needs or hidden agenda.

When you and I last spoke, I told you quite clearly that I sent you
home because you were the problem, not her. You were the problem
because you brought emotional baggage on that trip and had a
private agenda, to which neither (deleted) nor I were privy nor players.
If you felt hurt & pain from this encounter, you should have dealt
with it privately, not in a public forum.  The only benifit there
is self-serving.

Curiously, both she and I independently apologized for any pain we
might have caused you.  Yet, I did not receive an apology from you
for nearly torpedoing my holiday.

did I make a mistake in befriending you, (deleted)I thought that
you had more integrity and character then this; but without an
apology to her, you should not count on my friendship in the

I apologize for nothing. If friendships are this tenuous and require demanded apologies like faked orgasms then this friendship will easily break in the future. I tell it how I see it. I am climbing this mountain and if you don't like what I write about then don't click on it.


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