Michelle, my belle
       My time is valuable, and so is yours. It is my pleasure to make sure you feel special and well taken care of.

       The time you spend with me will be unforgettable.

       If you would like, you can read the reviews from people who have enjoyed my company. Read my reviews below.

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Here are some quotes from my reviews:

    &After a great deal of cyber foreplay I jumped at the chance of meeting her when she announced her tour. I have never booked a session so far in advance&One thing I have to say is that when referring to Michelle over the top is an understatement. She combines a free spirit of a 60's ish hippy with the intellect of a Mensa member. Throw in an adventurous spirit and a body that will pass for a work of art itself. Now add a dry sense of humor and let her do the shaking. What I came away with was an experience of a lifetime.
    -1woody, April 2004

    Michelle somehow takes 'eye contact' to a new level. It's more than that she enjoys doing it, but that she knows she's in control; you'd have to be nuts to want to change what she's doing to you.
    - -exslac. April, 2004

    I immediately contacted her via TER mail. As befitting her name, she's wired, so her response was almost instantaneous. Michelle is a force of nature & experience not to be missed. Is it GFE or PSE, who can say, but, I look forward to seeing Michelle again. she's unique, a 10 on all scales.
    - - gadfly2, April 2004

    I took her to a great restaurant in Del Mar, and we shared a fantastic meal and great bottle of wine to get her into the mood, but I can tell you, she was already in the mood. She was so affectionate in the restaurant that some of the older and more stodgy couples in the place were certainly staring at her as she was all over me, meanwhile, I was loving every minute of it. Then, after the meal, our hotel was just a half mile from the restaurant, but I didn't know if I was going to be able to get there without having an accident, as she was all over me in the car&But, we were able to contain ourselves until we got to the room, although certainly no further. I would have to say that if, personality-wise, you make a connection with her, I suspect that you, like me, will not regard this as an escort session at all, but rather, an incredibly hot date with amazingly sensual babe. 
    - -
    sdstud, March 2004

    I'd been wanting to set up a date with her for several weeks, and finally managed to. She screens pretty thoroughly, but believe me, it's well worth it. As others have said, her website pics do not do her justice. She is a knockout. If you could merge this uninhibited, tattooed porn star with the sweet girl-next-door you dreamed about as a kid; and if you mixed in a sharp mind with a killer smile, plus a great sense of humor, you'd just have invented Michelle. Alas, there is but one of her and so many of us&Even though our two hours was up, she offered to bathe me with some bath salts she'd brought. So who am I to argue with Aphrodite? I got into the tub and she climbed in behind to give me a really relaxing neck and shoulder rub. Next time I'll arrange an overnight with her. Two hours just isn't long enough. Probably a night won't be long enough either, but I'll keep you posted. 
    - novamike88, March 2004

    I knocked on the door holding my trademark bottle of Champers. Michelle was prettier than her pictures. Michelle&my bell&in all her radiating beauty and blond dreads was a sight to behold! Our eyes met each other, her greens and my blues became one like the soothing calm luscious waters of the Caribbean. East Coast met West Coast and the Chelsea hotel rocked with excitement. The epicenter of this rumble was definitely in my pants&at least a 5 on the Richter scale.
    - - Von Ryan, March 2004

    "For Michelle, providing is not a just a business, not just a profession; it is a calling. She loves what she does and believes that she can help her clients be better, happier people by bringing them to levels of ecstasy, intimacy, and physical and emotional self-awareness they havent experienced. Her job is to get you there, and she has the goods, experience and knowledge to make the trip eye-popping and the destination mind-blowing."
    Turkana, March 2004

    "She is a threat to most every woman alive with her magic charm over men."
    FreedomRider225, March 2004

    "Tall- healthy build- the kind most guys really like most- just a little bit too much of everything but not to the point you begin to say its a bad feature& I barely managed to find my car and was still on a cloud the next day at work!&She was like any two horny GFs I have ever had attacking me at the same time."
    Sully, February 2004

    "I know that this is my second review for this provider but this was such a different encounter that I had to write again. If you are smart you will give her a try because she will put you in heaven!!!!"
    Grlchaser, February 2004"

    "Take advantage of her availability before she has a month long waiting list, she's not to be missed. I think she might have had a better time than I did which is impressive because I was totally floored with enjoyment.
    " --garrett1142

    "She was fantastic looking. Her pics were great but the real gal was much more attractive than I imagined. Her demeanor was unpretentious and she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek like old friends...She is the total package of fantastic looks, excellent conversation, and eager, wonderful, sexy service. I have a strong feeling that she will become very popular. I WILL be seeing her again. I really have no choice."--not2long

    "If you have issues with her leading the way, don't go with her. Otherwise you may be missing something. Let her lead the way and hold on to your hats. It is one hell of an experience."--sherkahn