Who am I, you asked?

    First, I am and can be just what you expect: I am a lady, I am refined, I am educated, a master of many of the fine arts of life. I know which fork to use and how to hold the chopsticks. If just the two of us have drinks on the balcony, or we meet your colleagues at a cocktail party, you'll be delighted with my wit, my intelligence and my gentle laugh. I make small talk easily but get the big picture. Despite my acserbic personae in my writing, and edgy model looks, I am an extremely down to earth person.

    Some background: I'm of mixed Italian and Irish ancestry, and my interests are eclectic and wide ranging. In college, I double majored in science and the liberal arts. While I've lived mostly in California, I've traveled extensively though the United States and in Asia. I am passionate about art and literature, the outdoors, new places and new people. I paint, and my paintings have sold all over the world. In addition, I have more than 13 years martial arts training, including work with a Navy Seal trainer.

    Physically, I have short hair hair, mysterious blue-green eyes and an hourglass figure. I am a top fetish model and have exhibited at several glamour model conventions. I have extensive tattoo work and am pierced.

    Behind the scenes, there is more: This lady can be a tramp, your tramp, your fantasy. I love to dress up, I love to dress down; I love to do plain and I love to do fancy. Most of all, I love to please.

    At the moment, I've got major wanderlust and will be touring on and off for 2005 coming up with new material for my website and working with fetish and fashion photographers from across the country. I will eventually relocate to somewhere undisclosed in New York to further secure my privacy and to write my future novels. I'm always passport-ready and I pack quickly, so if you are in need of a travel buddy, don't face those security lines alone! Chances are I have model business in the same city. Besides, I'll be much more comfortable next to you than that midgie pillow and scratchy airline blanket.

    Please respond to my new e-mail: