Michelle, my belle


The following is helpful information which will enhance our time together and provide for a more warm and relaxing atmosphere.


Remember, I am a lady, and expect to be treated as such. 

The best way to contact me is through e-mail. Even after our first meeting all following appointments must be sceduled through e-mail only. If you have my phone number please do not call unless you are unable to confirm through e-mail. Please respect my privacy.

All references to repugnant language and illegal activities will terminate our comunication immediately.

Please be very clean. Scub all areas of your body 3 times with soap and water.  Please scrub under your nails.

When we meet, I will ask to see your identification; if there is any hesitation I will cancel our session immediately. I will check your information to make sure it matches your information on the contact form. I will be also asking you further questions once you arrive. Your phone must be turned off during our session. Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • Your Driver's License or State-Issued Identification
  • (International driver's licenses are not acceptable)
  • Military ID
  • Passport.

Please have in a sealed envelope my gratuity (or balance thereof) pre-counted and present it AFTER our session.

~ Appointments ~

I extensively prescreen all new clients. It may take several weeks for this process to occur. I never schedule same day appointments. Please do not ask me to do so. Once I have collected your information and I feel comfortable scheduling an appointment with you I will destroy all of this information. I will erase your phone number from my phone. I do not keep records, only fond memories, for your safety.

I will not answer any e-mails that have not filed out my form below for proper screening.

Full name
(So that I may properly address you):
City where you live:
State where you live:
Employer name:
Employer's main phone line:
Direct work line:
Cell phone:
Your TER or BiggDoggie handle:
Your reply to e-mail address
How do you wish to be contacted?
In consideration of your privacy, whom/from where would you like me to say when calling?
What do you have in mind for our time together?
When would you like me to contact you?
When would you like to see me?
Type of engagement
Additional comments or instructions:

Incall or outcall

Outcall location and address:

*PLEASE NOTE: Extended Travel From LA requires more information.
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