Michelle, my belle

Michelle, my belle_________________________

      If you wish to give me gifts, please know that these are some of my "favorite things."

      Your time is valuable, and should be treated with respect. I would likewise expect my discerning clients who wish to spend time with me to reciprocate in kind. The rates for my time are as follows.

    1 hour $350.00 USD
    This is my absolute minimum package available. I do not do quantities of private time less than this.

    2 hours $600.00 USD
    The best time between us, so savor the moments and come back wanting more.

    4 hours $1100.00 USD
    Looking for a dinner companion? I frequent some of the finest restaurants in Los Angeles, New York, or the city of your choice. I dress elegantly, and possess excellent manners. You will proud to have me on your arm at business functions. If you don't want to leave the hotel room there are things I can offer that room service cannot!

    8 hours $2100.00 USD
    Get ready to live life to the fullest and then relax and unwind with me.

Please Note: Previous donations will be honored for existing clients and for clients who have already been booked and verified for this years tours. All new requests will be at the current published rates.

*I will consider traveling exclusively to accommodate you. Travel requests require a 4-hour minimum stay plus expenses. Advanced notice and deposit is required unless I am already in your location. For more travel information click here:


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