Normally I do NOT go ga-ga over other girls... but I am absolutely one of the BIGGEST fans of BELLADONNA on the planet. She SO rocks my world! I am devoting a WHOLE page to her.

**Months later I am STILL in love with Bella! She is so hot on and off the screen, and I expect enjoy more of her volcanic performances soon. Bella, you are a sexual goddess among women!

This woman makes me wet just thinking of her. She inspires me in all of her performances on video. The girl can give as good as she gets, and she definitely GETS! And you HAVE to see her dance on stage in real life. So flexible, so able to wrap herself around you, in body and mind. She knows what she is doing and Belladonna does it oh so well! Yum!

And she is just so cool in real life. I went totally fan-crazy when I see her, and yet she is so cool to talk to. But still DAMN HOT!!!

I can't wait to work with her.

Enjoy some pics of me and her. Bebe I love ya!!!

Click on her links above to see superstar pornstar Belladonna!

If it were up to me, I would buy you all the DVD so we can al got hot together, but I cannot. But if you want to see what gets me hot every time, click on Bella's link above!
(God, it just get's me hot thinking about her!)